What to Expect at a healthXchange Digital Event

Every digital or virtual event is unique, and when selecting a program to participate in, it can be helpful to understand the vision and goals of the organizer, as well as the platform being used to execute the program. The healthXchange holds digital events, which feature live, interactive video content, streamed online using Hopin as our event technology partner. Rather than creating a virtual environment with avatars, participants are able to engage directly with each other using video and text. Our event mission is to create an inclusive environment where participants are able to engage directly in the conversation with peers, benchmarking and gaining valuable insights from peers.


When evaluating technology partners for the healthXchange, the team reviewed a large number of platform providers and focused on three key areas: (1) usability, (2) video, and (3) integrations.

It was important that the platform was super intuitive and easy to use, for not only ourselves as organizers, but also for attendees. We didn’t want overly complex log-in credentials, or complex navigation during the meeting where attendees might not know where to head to find the action. Hopin provides a very straightforward and effective platform that can be used both on a desktop computer and through their mobile app – and even allows you to use both devices at the same time. Perfect.

A primary focus of the healthXchange is a video-first approach to content; with less of a focus on powerpoint slides and text chatting. We want to recreate a live event experience as closely as possible, and this means seeing speakers, panelists, and participants, face-to-face. Hopin is a video-first platform and allows video interaction at every level, which is exactly what we want for our participants.

You may wonder what we mean by integrations – but what we strive to achieve is the delivery of engaging events – that are miles away from what you might consider a webinar format. We want attendees to engage with the presentations through polls, Q&A, word clouds, and whiteboards, and to have a wide array of tools available for our session facilitators. Additionally, we want our live broadcasts to have a studio-quality, with overlays and customized focuses, all of which can be achieved through the platforms’ integrated partners, such as StreamYard and Kahoot!.

These are NOT Zoom meetings or Webinars. They are events.


When you enter the meeting, from an email link or your saved calendar invitation, you will be directed to the Lobby of the event, which outlines information on the schedule for the meeting, along with highlighting the supporting partners of the event. The Lobby is accessible at any time and provides a home destination for guests looking for information about the program and schedule of events.


The main stage will be used for keynote panels and presentations, and when live, will be the primary destination for attendees. When the presentations begin, a red LIVE banner will appear over the Main Stage icon, alerting participants to the presentation taking place. At the conclusion of main stage presentations, the LIVE button will switch off, so that guests are redirected easily and clearly to the next session, break, or networking period.


During group discussion sessions, attendees will have an opportunity to select from multiple sessions taking place concurrently, through the Sessions tab, which will go LIVE when sessions are taking place. Sessions have the capacity for 200 viewers per session, with up to 20 participants able to join the video stage at any given point. Integrations through Kahoot! will be leveraged widely during the sessions to increase audience interaction.


At regular intervals throughout the program, attendees will have unstructured time where they can explore networking with other participants in brief, one-to-one video chats. To enter into a chat, participants can simply click the Networking icon and are then asked “Are you ready?” giving them an opportunity and prompt to switch on their camera and microphone. When ready, the platform will introduce you to a fellow participant and give you 3 minutes to connect with that individual. If you want to leave the meeting early or extend the chat, you have the option, as well as the option to add additional guests and exchange contact information once you’ve connected. Helping participants keep track of who they’ve met, Hopin keeps track of the connections in each person’s account so that they can refer back to the names and details of their connections.


Dedicated time throughout the meeting will provide attendees with the opportunity to view partner booths, engage directly with event partners via video and text chat, as well as download various assets provided by the partners, and even participate in prize drawings.


Throughout the meeting, participants can use text chat to share comments, questions or even just say hello, within the global “Event” tab, or the “Session” tab, which is specific to the presentation, session, or exhibition where they are participating. The chat sidebar also incorporates polls and questions with a red spot beside the active areas, to intuitively direct guests to the right place to share their perspectives.


Using the Hopin platform is super easy and intuitive for participants, doesn’t require a download, can be used easily in the desktop or mobile version, and is just a really clean, easy, modern platform that has been built with meticulous attention to detail. We’ve tried a LOT of platforms, and we are really confident that this is the best one for our audience.

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