revenue cycle
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TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2023

Revenue cycle teams across the healthcare industry are a driving force; from the initial point of contact with access teams to schedule, register, and confirm patient eligibility, to the delivery of accurate and timely estimates and the collection of payments, to working with patients and payers throughout the healthcare journey to secure reimbursement, the role of the revenue cycle executive is complex, multifaceted, and one which requires career long education and development.

The ever-changing nature of the revenue cycle demands that executives remain vigilant of emerging trends within the healthcare industry, how these changes will impact the delivery of care, the processing of payment for services, and ultimately the finances of the organization, which reinforces the need for structured, timely, and frequent education.

In an environment of high competition for talent, leading hospitals and health systems are leveraging learning and development assets as a tool to rapidly bring new team members up-to-speed, upskill existing staff creating opportunities for growth and retention, and ultimately developing the next generation of revenue cycle leadership.

Program Schedule

10:00    Log-In, Opening Remarks, & Program Welcome
10:15     Creating a Culture that Fosters Rev Cycle Education
11:00     Networking & Coffee Break
11:15      Beyond Skills Training: Healthcare Leadership 
12:00    Networking & Coffee Break
12:15      Tools & Technologies Elevating RCM Training
1:00      Networking & Coffee Break
1:15        Training Debate: In-Person, Remote, or Hybrid?
2:00     Networking & Coffee Break
2:15       By the Numbers:  Learning & Development KPIs
3:00      Closing Remarks & Program Conclusion

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