Tuesday, May 21, 2024

11AM - 3PM ET | Live Online

Hospitals and Health Systems across the country are steadily integrating new automation and data analytics solutions into revenue cycles, creating greater efficiency in workflows and allocation of human capital, as well as generating deeper insights into revenue cycle performance; uncovering opportunities for improvement in areas including more accurate charge capture, billing, and reimbursement, in addition to reduced denials. While these solutions, whether home-grown or off-the-shelf or fully-customizable can produce cost and time savings, challenges abound in aligning solutions with organizational priorities, selecting vendors that are best suited to meet the needs and budget, in addition to hurdles in installation, training, and utilization. Revenue cycle executives must also adopt leadership styles that embrace change management and continuous improvement, and maintain a close eye on monitoring performance and return on investment.

The healthXchange Revenue Cycle: Automation & Analytics meeting has been designed for forward-thinking innovators and teams looking to future proof their revenue cycles through the adoption of new technology solutions streamlining the full revenue cycle. Rather than highlighting specific solutions, this meeting takes an agnostic approach to the technology and instead will focus on the practical and managerial experiences and lessons learned, from successful projects, to those that ultimately been discontinued.

Event Schedule

10:45 – Login & Networking
11:00 – Opening Remarks & Welcome
11:15 – Strategic Roadmaps, Alignment & Leadership
12:00 – Coffee & Networking Break
12:15 – Needs Analysis & Technology Selection Criteria
1:00 – Coffee & Networking Break
1:15 РOptimizing Implementation & Integration 
2:00 – Coffee & Networking Break
2:15 – Identifying & Measuring KPIs & Project ROI
3:00 – Closing Remarks & Meeting Conclusion