Tuesday, September 24, 2024

11:45AM - 2:30PM ET | Live Online

Despite considerable investment and effort to streamline processes, enhance staffing, and integrate new technology, patients and providers continue to face challenges in patient access, resulting in delayed or denied care, reduced reimbursement and collection rates, and frustrated patient consumers. The combination of registration and eligibility errors, inaccurate or untimely estimates, lengthy prior authorization requirements, and many other administrative burdens are all weighing on the access function and require targeted intervention. Strategic and visionary leaders are charting a new path for patient access that combines centralized approaches to scheduling, registration, eligibility verification, prior authorization, estimates, and collections, with the leverage of new and existing technology platforms that integrate automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Event Schedule

11:45 – Login, Networking, & Orientation
11:50 – Opening Remarks & Welcome
12:00 – Delivering Exceptional Patient-Centric Access
12:45 – Networking & Exhibition Break
1:00 – Centralizing & Streamlining Patient Access
1:30 – Networking & Exhibition Break
1:45 – AI & Automation in Patient Access
2:15 – Networking & Exhibition Access
2:30 – Program Conclusion

*All Times Eastern

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