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Revenue Cycle leaders participating in healthXchange events are part of a National community of collaborators, benchmarking progress and becoming part of the equation for change. 

The digital platform recreates a traditional educational event format with main stage presentations, interactive panel discussions, exhibitor demonstrations, and video one-to-one networking, all without leaving the home or office.

  • Live Digital Events: Never Pre-Recorded
  • Interactive & Collaborative by Design
  • Engaging Sessions with Multiple Formats
  • Technology & Solution Demonstration Area
  • One-to-One Video Peer Networking 
  • Nationwide, Inclusive Provider Attendance


Revenue Cycle Management: Automation & Analytics
Tuesday, May 21, 2024

The healthXchange Revenue Cycle: Automation & Analytics meeting has been designed for forward-thinking innovators and teams looking to future proof their revenue cycles through the adoption of new technology solutions streamlining the full revenue cycle. Rather than highlighting specific solutions, this meeting takes an agnostic approach to the technology and instead will focus on the practical and managerial experiences and lessons learned, from successful projects, to those that ultimately been discontinued.


Revenue Integrity: Optimizing Compliant Reimbursement
Tuesday, March 26, 2024

In an environment of increasing denials and delayed payments, maximizing reimbursement is more difficult than ever. This online forum provides revenue integrity teams an opportunity for discussion on maintaining charge capture accuracy, charge master maintenance, claims auditing and root cause analysis, with a focus on compliance.

Patient Access: Maximizing the Revenue Cycle
Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Covering issues including registration and eligibility verification, securing prior authorization for care, the role of estimates and transparency in patient satisfaction, and improving front-end patient collections, this meeting addresses concerns that are in the forefront of importance for patient access teams in an engaging and discussion-based format.

Patient Financial Services: Balancing Access & Payment
Tuesday, November 14, 2023

With an engaging format centered in discussion and knowledge share, leaders will discuss generating clean claims, with a focus on eligibility and authorization, how transparency and patient communication is driving higher levels of patient satisfaction, the collection of patient payments in an environment of rising costs, and how taking proactive steps in root cause analysis can prevent billing errors, reducing denials and delayed reimbursement.

Revenue Cycle Excellence: Denials Mitigation
Tuesday, September 26, 2023

As rates of payer denials have continued to trend upward, revenue cycle teams are reimagining denial management in order to proactively identify causes of denials, to manage denials and appeals through cross-functional collaboration, and to ultimately reduce denial rates through continuous improvement and monitoring. Join us for this live, online program, to discuss and benchmark best practices with peers, to look hear how others are successfully navigating a challenging environment, to ultimately reduce payer denials through strong workflows, comprehensive documentation and proactive monitoring.

Patient Access: Foundation of the Revenue Cycle – Summer
Tuesday, July 18th, 2023

Following the success of the Patient Access: Foundation of the Revenue Cycle meeting hosted in February 2023, the Summer program will continue to focus on the critical role of Patient Access teams in ensuring both a smooth patient financial journey, but also optimizing reimbursement for the care provided. Topics being addressed include registration & eligibility verification, point-of-service collections, securing prior authorization, operational success in facilitating accurate patient estimates, compliance with the No Surprises Act, and much, much more. 

Revenue Cycle Learning & Development
Tuesday, June 20th, 2023

The ever-changing nature of the revenue cycle demands that executives remain vigilant of emerging trends within the healthcare industry, how these changes will impact the delivery of care, the processing of payment for services, and ultimately the finances of the organization, which reinforces the need for structured, timely, and frequent education. In an environment of high competition for talent, leading hospitals and health systems are leveraging learning and development assets as a tool to rapidly bring new team members up-to-speed, upskill existing staff creating opportunities for growth and retention, and ultimately developing the next generation of revenue cycle leadership.

Revenue Integrity: Maximizing Compliant Reimbursement
Tuesday, March 14th, 2023

As hospitals and health systems continue to face financial constraints resulting from a combination of the withdrawal of COVID-era financial support, chronic payer issues including late and denied payments, and an increased level of collections required from patients with higher co-pays and co-insurance, optimizing reimbursement and ensuring a maximized level of remittance is essential. From charge capture accuracy to claims audits and root cause analysis, executives responsible for revenue integrity are analyzing greater levels of data to identify and shrink revenue leakage, ultimately reducing denials, write-off’s and shortening A/R timelines, maximizing net revenue. 

Patient Access: Foundation of the Revenue Cycle
Tuesday, February 21st, 2023

Executives responsible for patient access play a foundational role in the revenue cycle, supporting the bottom line through ensuring accurate remittance from patients and payers, but also fostering patient satisfaction through efficient and accurate communication related to eligibility, estimates, and patient financial responsibilities. The role of patient access has catapulted in importance as revenue cycle and hospital leadership look to reduce denials and improve reimbursement, but also faces challenges in meeting new payer authorization requirements, complying with the No Surprises Act, and at the same time addressing staffing shortages across the function. 

Patient Financial Services: Ensuring Access to and Payment for Care
October 11 & 13, 2022

From registration and eligibility verification to final billing and reimbursement, finance, access, and revenue cycle teams must work in tandem throughout the patient journey to support access to care while at the same time ensuring payment and reducing payer denials. Blending high-level keynote presentations, interactive breakout discussions, and one-to-one networking, this online program provides an opportunity for executives from across the Nation to benchmark current practices and engage with peers.