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Our Story

Hospitals, health systems, and physician practices across the United States are facing unprecedented financial pressure stemming from changes to health policy and the transition toward value based care, reduced or delayed payments from both government and private payers, in addition to greater patient payment responsibilities. Coupled with inflating material and equipment costs, rising wages and staff shortages, and reduced government support, finance executives supporting health systems must act with agility and cross-functional collaboration to maintain financial viability.

In an environment lacking industry consensus, healthcare revenue cycle executives strive to evaluate, select, and implement the most cost-effective strategies within individual health systems. The lack of collaboration across the industry has resulted in few benchmarks available to gauge the progress, success, or failure of projects, strategies, and technologies. While local gatherings of executives offer an opportunity to engage with peers at the micro-level, attendance at large conventions and National in-person meetings for healthcare executives is frequently limited by budget and time restraints, restricting the scope of collaboration and idea exchange.

The healthXchange provides a digital destination for healthcare revenue cycle leaders seeking curated content focused on practical solutions and success stories of industry peers in improving the financial solvency of their organizations. Monthly live events, hosted digitally with hundreds of participants across the nation, provide an inclusive platform for discussion, debate, and collaboration, creating connections between peers and stakeholders across the healthcare industry.

Without the healthXchange, executives can face uncertainty in decision-making and implementation, and may miss new ideas critical to the goals of transforming healthcare for tomorrow.

As a member of the healthXchange’s community of collaborators, finance leaders can exchange ideas, benchmark progress, and be part of the equation for change.

Our Leadership

Kate is the Founder and CEO of the healthXchange, and has more than 20 years of experience in the conference industry, with a focus on content research, stakeholder alignment and commercial growth. She blends these skills with strong business acumen, integrity and a passion for changing lives through the improvement of healthcare delivery. Prior to launching the healthXchange, she led the content, production and operations teams for a US conference production company from her offices in London. 

Email Kate on: Kate.Jeter@healthXchange.io 

Our Values

Work the Problem

Whether the problem is the rising cost of care, or a technical set-up for a speaker, we are dedicated to working the problem, step-by-step.

Always Thinking BIG

With a platform built for scale, we look to bring the largest possible audience to the table, with representation from all fifty states.

Friendly, but Persistent

Passionate about our product and the value of our content, we aren’t afraid to ask for your partnership, as a speaker, attendee or supporter.