Live digital events for healthcare revenue cycle executives provide a focused and collaborative platform for knowledge share and the creation of meaningful connections and community. 

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The healthXchange provides a digital destination for healthcare revenue cycle leaders seeking curated content highlighting the success of industry peers in improving the financial health of their organizations. Regular live events, hosted digitally with participants from across the Nation, provide an inclusive platform for discussion, debate, and collaboration, creating connections between peers and industry partners with a focus on working toward the goal of improving revenue cycles and financial performance.


Patient Financial Services: Balancing Access & Payment
Tuesday, November 14, 2023
From registration to claim submission, executives in Patient Financial Services play a pivotal function in the hospital and health system revenue cycle, balancing access to care while at the same time facilitating accurate and timely payer reimbursement, and the collection of payments from patients directly. Striking this delicate balance between access and payment requires a level of knowledge and a focus on continuous improvement, to ensure clean claims are submitted, and resulting in first-pass payment, as well as creating a collaborative and transparent tone in communicating and engaging with patients.

Patient Access: Foundation of the Revenue Cycle
Tuesday, February 27, 2024
Patient Access teams within high functioning revenue cycle organizations are of pivotal importance; from engaging patients on the front-line and ensuring insurance and eligibility is accurately secured, to working with providers and payers to facilitate pre-service authorization that supports back-end reimbursement, these teams are the foundation of the revenue cycle. In a constrained environment where collections and reimbursements are required in order to support care services and operational costs, structuring and leveraging teams to maximize efficiencies has become a top priority. In addition, utilizing technology to automate rote functions, to lift the work of administrative teams, and to identify trends for improvement, are all top priorities.

Revenue Integrity: Maximizing Compliant Reimbursement
Tuesday, March 26, 2024
Improving charge capture accuracy, claims audits and root cause analysis, executives responsible for revenue integrity are analyzing greater levels of claims to identify and shrink revenue leakage, ultimately reducing denials, write-off’s, and shortening A/R timelines, maximizing net revenue. Facing challenges including a shifting payer environment where policies and rules frequently change and are highly inconsistent, to increasing compliance risks with investigations of coding and billing, to staffing resource constraints, revenue integrity executives find themselves in great need of industry collaboration, and the opportunity to share best practices and practical solutions.


The Denials Digest Series features clips from recent online events where the issue of denials reduction has been addressed, as well as interviews with revenue cycle leaders from hospitals, health systems, and physician practices across the Nation, focusing on identifying common payer denial trends, executing denial management programs, monitoring payer contract performance, and continuous denial monitoring. Subscribe to the YouTube channel to never miss a new episode!



The Access Point Series features clips from the Patient Access: Foundation of the Revenue Cycle online programs, as well as interviews with Patient Access leaders from hosptials and health systems across the Nation, focusing on solutions to shared challenges including registration and eligibility verification, prior authorization, patient estimates, point-of-service collections, and more. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to never miss an episode!