Live digital events for healthcare revenue cycle executives provide a focused and collaborative platform for knowledge share and the creation of meaningful connections and community. 

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The healthXchange provides a digital destination for healthcare revenue cycle leaders seeking curated content highlighting the success of industry peers in improving the financial health of their organizations. Regular live events, hosted digitally with participants from across the Nation, provide an inclusive platform for discussion, debate, and collaboration, creating connections between peers and industry partners with a focus on working toward the goal of improving revenue cycles and financial performance.


Revenue Cycle Learning & Development
Tuesday, June 20th, 2023
Revenue cycle teams across the healthcare industry are a driving force; from the initial point of contact with access teams to schedule, register, and confirm patient eligibility, to the delivery of accurate and timely estimates and the collection of payments, to working with patients and payers throughout the healthcare journey to secure reimbursement, the role of the revenue cycle executive is complex, multifaceted, and one which requires career long education and development.

Patient Access: Foundation of the Revenue Cycle 
Tuesday, July 18th, 2023
Following the success of the Patient Access: Foundation of the Revenue Cycle meeting hosted in February 2023, the Summer program will continue to focus on the critical role of Patient Access teams in ensuring both a smooth patient financial journey, but also the optimized reimbursement of the health system. Topics being covered include registration & eligibility verification, point-of-service collections, securing prior authorization, facilitating accurate patient estimates, compliance with the No Surprises Act, and more.


The Access Point Series features clips from the Patient Access: Foundation of the Revenue Cycle online programs, as well as interviews with Patient Access leaders from hosptials and health systems across the Nation, focusing on solutions to shared challenges including registration and eligibility verification, prior authorization, patient estimates, point-of-service collections, and more. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to never miss an episode!



Prior Authorization White Paper

Securing Prior Authorization for care is an essential first step in the patient financial journey, and one which is increasingly challenging for access & authorization teams. This white paper explores meeting timelines, handling payer documentation requests, facilitating peer-to-peers, and more.

Registration & Eligibility Verification White Paper

Registration and Eligibility Verification is the front door of the revenue cycle and requires a high level of data accuracy in order to ensure patient and payer details are captured accurately. In this white paper, we focus on increasing accuracy, improving point-of-service collections, and overcoming staffing challenges.

Patient Estimates White Paper

Providing patients with accurate estimates at the time of scheduling is an ongoing challenge for patient access and revenue cycle teams, requiring well developed workflows and collaboration with clinical teams. This white paper explores the evolution of patient estimates, monitoring and improving accuracy, and the continued implementation of the No Surprises Act.

Financial Counseling White Paper

Price transparency and No Surprises Act, have catapulted discussions surrounding the cost of care into the mainstream, and as a result, financial counseling teams must adapt to new conversations, and have robust processes in place to support patient finance. This white paper explores the evolution of the scope of financial counseling and how hospitals and health systems are changing approaches.

Reducing Denials & Improving A/R White Paper

In order to improve revenue integrity and reduce leakage, organizations are exploring ways to prevent common payer denials, including those stemming from lack of prior authorization, DRG downgrades and medical necessity. This white paper explores current trends in denials, and ways that hospitals are tackling this through stronger collaboration between clinicians, care coordinators, utilization management and revenue cycle teams.